Saturday, Monday interview

I caught up with Ludvig Parment AKA Saturday, Monday and spoke about new single ‘The Road’. And synths. Previous post link at end.

SM: This was an important experiment for me, to try and find a good way of combining the more mellow Saturday, Monday sound with something a bit more club-friendly.

I’m pretty far into my solo album. It seems like we’re looking at a fall/winter release. Very excited!

DB: Regarding creating sound I imagine you in a room full of synths and wires.

SM: Ha ha yes I think a room full of synths and wires would be a fair description. I could easily make a record without turning on computer but I really like combining hardware and software.

DB: Why do people get obsessed with synths? Do you have fave gear?

SM: I think synths attracts a lot of nerds because there is a lot of nerdery to be done there. Ha ha. I really like synths but I think the old ones are a bit too high maintenance to be worth it for me. I can’t repair stuff. But I got the Moog Voyager and Prophet 08, those are perfect for me. Great sound and really fun to work with but still really reliable. I’m looking to buy one of these small new ms-20s too.

DB: Is there an album from history you would have loved to have witnessed the recording of?

SM: Pink Floyd ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ feels like it might have been really cool.

DB: Where do you love to play live?

SM: I love playing scruffy venues. As long as the sound is right.

DB: What song is in your head right now?

SM: Hnny ‘For The Very First Time’

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