Rounds interview

Rounds are Robert Cooper (vocals and synths), Andrew Chapman (guitar and synths), and Ashley Kemp (drums and sampler). Their Proof ep drops today on Loodma

DB: You are unique and sound like you get buried in sound, which in turns is a nice submersive experience for the listener… how does that sit with you?

R: We’d be quite happy with that description! We like to throw a lot of things into a mix when making a track. Sometimes we have to rein it in; otherwise we lose sight of what we are making. But yeah, hopefully people will hear different things the more they listen to a track.

DB: I’m picking a tune here at random, maybe the title track? Can you talk us thru it?

R: Proof started out as a demo Andy made in early 2011 that he promptly forgot about.

Then Rob started the basis for Proof (the sidechained synths and beats), but there was something lacking. When this happens we usually trawl through the pile of unfinished demos and sketches. From there, we found Andy’s demo with these guitar stabs and they fit perfectly with the track. It came together quite quickly and was finished nearly a year ago.


DB: What sort of music do you collectively like?

R: Quite a wide range of stuff really. We all like electronic music like Actress, Flying Lotus, Lapalux and Seekae, but also share a love of 80’s bands like The Smiths, Talking Heads and The Cure.

DB: The 70s too then. Do you play live, and what approach do you take?

R: We play live in London quite a bit. Our approach is much more focussed around a live band set up, rather than a laptop-orientated show. So it’s usually Rob on vocals, synths and controlling the laptop, Andy playing guitar and synths and Ash on the drums.

We’re always trying to find that balance between making something different and interesting to play live, while staying true to the recorded version of the track.

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