Review: Sol Republic Tracks On-Ear Headphones

Sol Republic Tracks On-Ear Headphones

I was sent a pair of the Tracks On-Ear headphones for review and having tested them for a week, here’s my thoughts.

On first inspection, the headphones seemed to be very well made and packaged, a good sign to begin with. You have assemble the two ear cups onto the headband (a matter of seconds) and then plug in the cable to each ear and then to your music device. The reason for this is that you are able to change the headband whenever you like through the variety of different headbands sold directly in Sol’s online shop.

I normally listen to music on my commute to work, via my phone, so the main tests were for comfort, and sound leakage (I’m normally listening to my music playing at a fairly loud volume).

1). Very crisp and deep bass, even at volume – very impressed with the sound quality.

2). No sound leakage, even when at volume. This is great for me! (and my fellow commuters).

3). Comfortable on ears, good cushioning and a comfortable, adjustable headband.

I was using the headphones with a Samsung, but according to the description on the website, it’s possible to answer and hang up calls on the latest Apple devices via the 3-button Mic+Music control which is built into the cord.

NB. The cable connecting the headphones to the music device/phone could be a bit longer.

Overall, I am impressed with the clarity and quality of sound that come from these well-built headphones and would recommend them to anyone looking for a mid-range and fairly priced pair or anyone looking to upgrade to a pair of on ear, cushioned headphones. I’ve not been a massive fan of, dare I say it, Beats by Dre, mainly because I think the sound quality compared to the cost is somewhat lacking. A pair of Tracks On-Ear will set you back £79.99 and this is somewhat cheaper than other counterparts on the market.

Pick up a pair today.


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