Review: Radiopaq duo headphones

We were sent a pair of the Radiopaq duo headphones and having tested them out for the last couple of weeks here’s what we thought to them

The headphones are priced modestly, at £19.99 and serve as a good match for anyone looking for adjustable, “tilt and swivel” style listening gear. The cups fit firmly over your ears and the built in cushions mean you don’t get off that long journey with a ring in your ear – unless you’ve been blasting tunes from us all that time.

We were pleasantly surprised with the sound quality and the powerful bass too, so all in all they made a good replacement for my knackered old Sony’s which I bought for a similar price. If you’re not yet accustomed to Radiopaq, then head over to their site to check out the product and perhaps buy yourself a pair.

*This is not a sponsored post, we will be returning the headphones**

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