Review: Panasonic Technics DH1250 Headphones


Every once in a while we get some quality product to review and these Panasonic Technic DH1250 Headphones are no different!

I’m no audiophile but I can appreciate great sound and design when I see it (day job as a designer) and upon opening the box, these ‘cans’ looked and felt the part – first box ticked. The headphones a larger than I would usually wear so I’d probably use these at home or the office when listening to Soundcloud or Spotify if I’m being totally honest, that, and I wouldn’t want to lose them.

Technics have always been synonymous with a high quality in audio and the DH1250’s combine high class drivers with some slick design to deliver just that. Inside the box, you’ll find two detachable cables. One has inline volume control and microphone, handy for when you’re receiving a call and this makes it ideal for use with your mobile phone. The second cable is corded and will be perfect for DJing.

The ear pads are soft and larger than you’re probably used to but I found that even on high volumes there wasn’t any leakage and the sound remained crisp inside. The ear-cups also can fold away for easy storage, utilising a folding design – they fit snugly inside the carry pouch also inside the box. They also ship with a gold-plated L-Plug plus twist-in plug adaptor.

As you can imagine (and from what I post), I’m generally listening to something quite bass-heavy; 90s Hip Hop classics from Nas or DAS EFX or some stinging bassline on a track from Jon B through to a roller Techno slammer from the likes of Surgeon.

I put the headphones through their paces and it’s one of those things when you suddenly notice that there’s a lot more to the sounds you’re listening to through a quality product as opposed to those cheap headphones you picked up for just £12.99.

Quality speaks for itself and these will set you back £199, a fair investment but I can recommend them for the commute and listening to music in a more intimate setting at home.


  • Technics Professional DJ headphones with in line mic for mobile
  • Powerful 50mm driver unit for a superior sound experience
  • High 3500mW input
  • Gold plated L-Plug and Twist-in type plug adaptor
  • Foldable design, carry pouch included

Find out more on the Panasonic UK website.

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