Review: Grado SR80i headphones

On first look, the packaging of the Grado SR80i headphones may put you off, but seriously just open that box. Headphones are usually for private listening, which means that the majority of models and pairs include a ‘closed-back’ design.

With the closed-back approach, you keep the sound in, to not annoy those around you. This causes a few problems though, which affect the sound quality when listening to music.

Grado took it upon themselves to flip this and make a pair of headphones which leak sound. You may think, why on earth would I want that? With a retro design, resembling something akin to the 1950s, these Grado headphones are so sharp, so detailed and they just sound incredible that you just need to try a pair – the clarity, and depth is just amazing.

We don’t advise taking these on the train with you, but for home listening, these SR80i’s are a complete snip for around £110 – go get them!

These headphones were sent to us for review by – price comparison site.

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