Rene LaVice ‘Where My Ladies At’ interview

I spoke again to Rene LaVice in the wake of ‘Where My Ladies At/I Want More’ on Ram. I asked him about 2014, activity-wise…

RLV: Yes, very busy indeed. Lots of shows, collaborations and a second album nearing completion. It’s been a hell of a way to kick off the year.

DB: Does ‘Where My Ladies At’ get a good reaction? Can imagine it would, it’s a slammer.

RLV: Yes, it gets rewound almost every time. It makes people go mental.

DB: The new tunes to me hark back to OLDER RLV music. I mean that in a good way. Sort of ‘classic’, pre-‘Absolute Monster’.

RLV: Uuuumm I don’t know.The tracks are a progression from everything I’ve been doing the whole way along. I’m taking my sound to the next level. My life has taken me to places I’ve never been and it’s made me feel things I’ve never felt before. The music is the sum of all of those things. ‘I Want More’ is something I never would have written 5 years ago – I hadn’t lived it yet.

DB: With ‘Where My Ladies At’ was there a lightbulb moment for the tune that went on for you, that you thought ‘I NEED to have a tune like THIS with me’? That it needed to come into the world?

RLV: I wanted to make something to clang people over the heads with that was unique to me. Most producers seem to add like a zillion sounds thinking that will make the tune more hype, or they’ll make it so sparse that it’s boring as hell… I wanted to make something that hit hard as hell and was still lively. It’s a very different sounding tune, not many people produce tracks like that quite the way I do so it was a gamble as usual. As it turns out people love it!

DB: When did ‘I Want More’ come about… is it part of the same sessions?

RLV: ‘I Want More’ did come out within the same time period that I made ‘Where My Ladies At.’ I think you can hear it a bit in the attitude of the tracks. They’re not overly serious, they’ve got an element of playfulness and a ‘let’s do this!’ type of attitude. In their core, they’re dancefloor tunes. I’ve got other things in the works with a more serious edge to them, but right now what I want to put out is a two slammers, so that’s what we did!


DB: What things are finding their way into your sets? Is there a specific RLV vibe to the set?

RLV: The Rene LaVice Sound isn’t totally cut and dried, I venture into different territory quite a bit. I’ll play ‘Absolute Monster’, then venture into things like the Climax bootleg… I’ll play anything from Lenzman to Noisia and onward – if you look at my productions you’ll see how varied they are. That’s why I play through different styles, people want to hear all my music, not just one side of it. I love it all.

DB: Last one: say you’re driving to play a show & want to get in the mood to play, what’s three tunes you’d draw to get you in the right frame of mind?

RLV: Dillinja ‘Thugged Out Bitch’
Total Science & S.P.Y ‘Gangsta’
Origin Unknown ‘Lunar Bass’ (Commix Remix)


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