Rene LaVice interview, October 2012

DB: Hi again Rene, how has 2012 treated you?

RLV: 2012 has been outstanding. My music is being heard by a huge amount of people, I’m getting to travel and have interesting experiences and I’ve continued to grow creatively. I feel that I’m in a very good place to pursue the goals I’ve set for the future.

DB: Can I first of all mention the b side of this single, a bulldozer of a tune, have you more like that to populate a set with?

RLV: I hope you have life insurance.

DB: Is this a new chapter of your sound, true? Or, is this just one aspect which has always been there but maybe not prevalent up till now?

RLV: I’m going to go with both. Mostly because ‘All My Trials’ was started about 5 years ago and it took this long to get to a point where it felt right to release it. That said, tunes with more musical and song-like qualities to them have been a part of my repertoire for years, except until now they’ve just been known as “that tune he played with the vocal and the thing in it…”

Now it’s got my name attached to it.

DB: Relating it to live sets then, does your live work influence what you do? That was the case with ‘Absolute Monster’, that you wanted to create this epic tune. So is this new offering perhaps a reflection of what you’re feeling when you DJ?

RLV: This latest release kind of took the reigns on its own to be honest. Often when I would play it out people would sort of scoot up to the booth like “what is that!” and I knew I had something special. ‘All My Trials’ wasn’t created for any particular purpose other than to express something that Ivy and I wanted to express when we made it, and I think that touches a nerve with people.

DB: You mention Ivy…

RLV: Ivy Mairi, she’s a singer, songwriter, musician-er and a friend of mine who’s made two lovely albums that you should check out via
We’ve been friends for years but when it comes to music we’re on almost completely different ends of the spectrum. We just kept playing with the idea of collaborating whenever we had some free time and eventually it just clicked.

DB: What music in general are you loving?

RLV: The new Flying Lotus album ‘Until The Quiet Comes’, the new Nas album. The rain in London…

DB: What about films, TV and other stuff you do, what are you into?

RLV: I just watched Laurence of Arabia again. Great film. Gotta love that desert. But seriously it’s a great film if you haven’t checked it out, it’s all about conflicted loyalties, clashing cultures and sand. I’ve been into watching long movies and Family Guy marathons lately because I’ve been under the weather with an ear infection. This also means I can’t go out skateboarding. I brought my skateboard all the way to London and I can’t even use it yet. Did I mention I like skateboarding? I like skateboarding. Sometimes I think about skateboard tricks and then write music about the skateboard that did that trick and what it must have been thinking about.

DB: Speaking of loyalties, is online culture destroying loyalties and love of music? Here’s a take: It’s maybe like a crush on a girl – when you don’t know her you are crazy about her. Are people too ‘sussed’ now, or think they are?

RLV: Now that you mention it I guess you do go kind of crazy don’t you? I’ve got a crush on a girl right now and can’t stop thinking about her. Maybe she’ll read this and realize it’s her that I’m talking about and run for the hills thinking I’m a total creep… Er, I meant to say: Fall into my arms thinking “how sweet.”

Also if the ‘crush’ is what causes the craziness and the internet has snuffed those out, then what explains all the crazy emails I get day to day? Madness is rampant, alive and well.

DB: In whose sets will we find your stuff, for people new to you?

RLV: Just watch the twitter feed, ha ha.

DB: And you’re back in the UK… when?

RLV: So far I think it’s going to be Pure Science on the 19th in London, then the 27th in Brighton, and I think there’s a DNBTV thing too, plus more to come.

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