Rene LaVice ‘Absolute Monster’ interview

DB: Tell me about the new ep? Can I be blunt? There is not one motherf*cker on this planet who claims to love D&B that won’t love this. It is AWESOME

RLV: Haha wow, Thank you! I’m really happy with how it turned out. Where it came from I can’t be 100% sure, but I do know that one day it busted down the door to my studio and walked in!

Joking aside, the title track ‘Absolute Monster’ came about when I was daydreaming about what I was going play at Fabric in London UK for a RAM night. It was my first trip to the UK and my first time at Fabric so I wanted to start my set off in a way that was just like “yo. I’m here, lets get busy.” From what I’d been told Fabric was a really big club with a big sound system, so I thought it would be cool to create a tune that made use of that and really shook things up on the dancefloor. Originally the title Absolute Monster was just a tongue in cheek working title. But people kept asking what it was after I played it and as a joke I’d say “Absolute Monster” and they were all like “Yes! That’s totally it man!” So it just stuck after that.

DB: You had a lot of fun with it, this latest batch? Sounds it! To be a little more specific, I felt like you really looked at frequencies,and had fun with them, really worked with them and pushed them against each other as well as using them WITH each other, made them fly off each other… got a little devious in the finer points of production & choice of sounds. But that’s just my take.

RLV: Yeah I’d say that’s pretty accurate.

I wanted each tune to have it’s own unique character. I think the only way you can do that is by going a bit crazy and throwing ideas everywhere. My basic strategy for getting what I want out of a production is breaking every rule in the book. I like to make music that is very expressive and you can only do that by pushing the boundaries and exploring the limits of what sound can do. Even if you’re writing something serious, you have to allow yourself to ‘play’ creatively. Sometimes I’ll be running a synth through a guitar amp and thinking “man this Reese sounds really cool…” then I’ll pause and go, “But how can I make it say something new? How can I make it come alive and speak to me in 2012? Fuck that, what’s this bassline saying in 3012!” and then we go there and find out. I never limit myself on what sounds I can use: oldschool, new school… blending in a different genre entirely, it’s all fair game to me! It’s about pushing the limits and making something that excites me.

DB: Are you more suited to EPs as a format, or is an album tempting, ie not just an obligation thing where people say ‘oh I will make an album’. With YOU how would an album work?

RLV: I like EPs because they show people a snapshot of what you’re into. But I’m someone who has experience producing many different styles of music and even soundscapes. Sooner or later the urge to tell a more involved story is going to start scratching at me. I look at EPs like a short story; the album is going to be the feature film.

DB: You’re based in Canada, what’s been happening for you there since last we spoke btw?

RLV: I’ve had some great opportunities to perform in different countries, other provinces in Canada, and of course lots of gigs right here in Toronto. We recently had the biggest festival we’ve ever had in downtown Toronto, called Digital Dreams. Playing at that festival was a really special experience. So much music, such a great vibe all around; I love DJing to a diverse crowd.

DB: What’s been influencing you in GENERAL?

RLV: Swedish House Mafia, The Prodigy, Antonin Dvořák, Techno, Dom & Roland, Dillinja, Ghostface Killah, Toronto, My Friends, Skateboarding.

Make of that what you will.

DB: This question I ask a lot: if you could be fly on wall for any studio session in history, which one?

RLV: Hendrix studio session in 2012 because he’d be yelling at the studio engineer like “Stop quantizing this shit you idiot!” and proceed to play the funkiest shit you ever did hear.

‘Absolute Monster’ is out on RAM on the 23rd

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