Redshape – The man in the red mask

Just been speaking to my friend Gareth via F’book who is always a great person to speak to for new music or reccomendations and he’s pointed me in the direction of Redshape, whom he saw live the other week alongside Shackleton.

He’s pointed me in the direction of a mix by him up at Shaped World which is fucking ace. (Go grab it!) Nice one Gareth!

To begin to describe it, is a tough one. Hard, dark, techie and “Detroit” sounding would make a good start to this… though on further inspection, the sound is much more detailed than I first thought. Layered. Very layered.

So with the mix playing in the background, the lights off and just the glow of the tv on mute, I am trying my best to find out about this guy, who he is, where he has come from, what he has released? Believe it or not, there’s not a lot about him, pretty much NOTHING in fact. Some people are saying he’s C2 aka Carl Craig, but others question this, those who have studied photos of the man in the red mask, and told themselves it’s a white man, when in fact Carl Craig is black.

“But for now, who cares who the man is. Let’s find more of his stuff” I say.

So I research into the Resident Advisor Podcasts and manage to dig out the one by Redshape from earlier this year. Read more about it on their forum topic. And my oh my, is it a find. Dark, looming soundscapes, layered on top of each other, fizzing with that crunchy sound. Churning, racing and willing you to listen more…..

Couldn’t find a lot more on him than this post on the ill-elec-tronic blog

I have to say, it’s taken me a good 15 minutes, and I’m already in love with this mechanical sound. Structured and clean, it’s making me smile. All thanks to the G-man.

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