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We’re a small group of amateur writers bringing you the goods. We’re always eager to hear what you say and open to new opportunities.

We might not reply to all emails, but we do endeavour to read everything we receive.

Here are the best ways to contact us:


If you want to send us any music or events related info, it’s best to break it down by genre

  • Grime, hip-hop, experimental : Luis
  • House & Techno: Luis
  • Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Bass heavy : Damian

NOTE: “Everything else” does not include: Rock, Indie, Opera, or anything that doesn’t fit under the “Electronic” tag – you know the score!

We post events to the blog, often they are located in London and always playing the music we write about.

We will happily review your product if it’s music related. Please get in touch with Mark to organise reviews.

Commercial / Tech
For anything commercial or advertising contact Mark.