Rain City Riot interview


DB: Could you tell us about the new Dim ep?

R: Having been in Berlin for a while and being around the house and techno I wanted to do something that fitted with the vibe they were getting but also keeping my UK roots.

I wanted to blend some of the slightly glitch garage elements with the smoother deep house tracks I was hearing. The aim was to keep it smooth and cool but dance floor and interesting.

It’s probably up to everyone else to decide if it’s any of those things!

: What’s your main source of hearing new music? Radio, cars going past, internet, people, walking, shops, anything.

R: The internet of course and also record shops. I’m buying more vinyl now that I have for a good five to six years. Also online stores like Clone.nl have a great selection of stuff.

DB: Why ‘Your Clothes’?

R: I wanted to make some sex music and this is what came out! I recommend anyone reading to have sex to it and send me a report on how it went.

DB: Do you think this age of emailing/networking as opposed to getting into physical stores as well and/or talking to physical distributors for eg good or bad?

R: It’s good and bad. Its great to be able to reach people so easily with your music but it also means a lot of the time you have to scream to be heard. The age of going into a record shop and trying to hum tracks you enjoyed dancing to at the weekend to the staff was great. “Hey mate, have you got a track in, it goes like this hhmmmm huh huh booom booom booom and then a little vocal bit?”

There’s certainly less quality control these days but at the same time there is no entry gate any more. So anyone can make music if they are talented regardless of whether or not they can afford thousands of pounds worth of studio gear.

DB: What tunes are in the crates right now that are delivering?

: Soul Magic ‘Someone Like You’ (Plezier Remix)
Kruse & Nuerenberg ‘Off Course’ (Stefano Ritteri Remix)
Viadrina ‘Nightdrug’

DB: What recording session would you have loved to have been at to watch. Think of personalities, tantrums, people swapping instruments, people floating in and out,personalities who are fucked but still think they have it, that sort of thing.

R: Tom Waits ‘Rain Dogs’

To me its the most amazing album of all time. To see all the wacky instruments and bits of percussion he was using and Waits in the vocal booth chain smoking away!

It would be a wonderful thing to behold I am sure.

Tom WAITS rain dogs

DB: What’s next for you?

R: This is the first release on my label so we have lots more to come very soon. Next release is by Synthetic Epiphany and is an awesome slice of dark bassy house. Personally I have an EP on Defected’s DFTD label and some bits on Toolroom, so pay close attention for them.


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