Rahmanee interview


I spoke to Serbian producer Rahmanee as his ‘The Stopper/Reprazent’ drops on Breaks Per Minute.

DB: Hi, I’m enjoying these tunes. Can you tell us about your background in D&B?

R: Hi, I’m glad you like it! It was probably Shy Fx’s ‘Just An Example’ that got me into D&B back then in nineties, as well as few Jungle and DNB compilations.

I didn’t want to perform as a DJ for a while because it was so popular! I was into a lot of music in general. But later on I was roasted with so much good music vibes in D&B and I had my first gigs in 1999

DB: So do you play a lot? The music sounds roadtested.

R: Yes, pretty much. I can say I gained my local popularity with few remixes of popular bands and probably with good DJ skills and sensitivity too… so I travel around a lot. It’s good when you can test your tunes on the dancefloor before you send them to anyone.

DB: So you’re from Serbia? Can you tell us about the scene there?

R: Well, there are a lot of good DJs around but not much producers. Just few of people I know can make a living from music, guys like Gramophonedzie or Marko Nastic. In D&B you can look for Side 1 and one talented producer called Euphorics. There are more.


DB: Can you tell us about ‘The Stopper’?

R: Dancehall music made a huge impact on my music, and I can remember that listening to Cutty Ranks after some party inspired me to make that tune.

DB: What’s five tunes in D&B that’s inspiring you right now… ones that sum up what you love about D&B and what works on the floor?

R: in no particular order
Potential BadBoy ‘Cyant Stop’ VIP (Feat. Junior Dangerous)
Addison Groove ‘Rzor’ (50 Weapons)
Stray ‘LA Zoom’ (Exit)
Bladerunner ‘Feel For You’ (Dread)
Soul Intent ‘Nod To The Past’ (Commercial Suicide)

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