QO interview


QO (AKA Qo) talked about the new Atari X ep on Eatbrain.

This is your first solo EP for Eatbrain, but not your first release on the label. How did you link up with Jade?

Hmm… it’s a long time since I sent the first demo to Jade. He’s one of the few people that replies everytime you sent something to him and he helped me a lot during the time of making my EP and of course my first release on label ‘Killcode ft. Nuklear MC’… thanks Gabor!

The EP is obviously influenced by video games, especially the classics – what are some gaming experiences you’ve had that have influenced you?

Ha ha I spent 90% of my childhood in a front of TV or PC screen playing all the classic stuff. Maybe that’s the reason I’ve sold my xbox: realised that I still play too much.

If you could collaborate with one non-drum & bass artist, who would it be?

That’s really tough question as I listen to all kinds of music! I’d say Hans Zimmer for his experience, Paul Kalkbrenner for vibe, B-Real for good weed.

What’s the best DJ gig you’ve ever had, and why?

I simply can’t choose just one! Too many.

Any big things on the horizon in 2015?

We’re working on a lot of tunes with my mate Computerartist, some of them are really good I think.

And of course there are more collaborations, remixes and also solo tunes to reveal, but I can’t promise anything as it takes me ages to finish a track.

Any shouts?

Big thanks to Jade for giving me a chance and to all artists that collaborated on my EP – Sean Rymetyme, Computerartist and Mindscape… and of course to Friedmylittlebrain readers.

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