Protect Audio ‘Protection’ ep interview

DB: Hi, the names on the ep, Marukomu, Congress, Homemade Weapons, Mono… they’re names I’m not familiar with. What’s some background on how it all came together?

PA: These guys make some amazing music and I feel they bring something really fresh and exciting to the D&B scene. I approached them with the idea of ‘The Protection EP’ [out Sept 17] and explained I’m really looking to push some oldskool-influenced-with-a-2012-twist sounds. Luckily they had some amazing firepower that was in need of a good home so I snapped it all up.

DB: What caught me was that big, cold radar image on the sleeve. What is the mission of your label and what’s forthcoming?

PA: The idea behind Protect is to release some oldskool flavors with a 2012 feel. We have a remix from Overlook coming out in the near future and we have a VIP of another track, with other singles almost confirmed. Sorry to be vague but we don’t want to give too much away. Devolution Design created the cover, check them out if you’re in the music business and needing artwork/designs done.

DB: What is happening in D&B that you love right now?

PA: There is a lot happening at the moment. Lots of good music is coming out and the smaller producers are getting noticed more.

DB: How do you consume it all?

PA: The way I keep up to date is by using soundcloud mainly. I’m pretty lucky really as I get sent a lot of brilliant music right to my inbox. As for the music I don’t get sent I buy off iTunes or Juno, and occasionally beatport. I also listen to Rinse FM a fair bit, it’s pretty nice to listen to something that you are unfamiliar with.

DB: How do you see the state of D&B right now?

PA: I think Drum & Bass is progressing nicely and the genre is more than alive at the moment. I’m really into my old sounds with a futuristic twist so I hope people continue to make that style, and if you do feel free to send it to us. A lot of daytime radios are playing D&B now as well, which does make a nice change from the normal stuff they play. So I’m guessing Drum & Bass will gradually take over.


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