Portishead – Machine Gun (Noise Floor Crew Remix)

So, after god only knows how long Portishead are back with their new single Machine Gun. Portishead hare well known for their melancholy demeanor but this is something else with Beth Gibbons’ vocals fractured over a minimal backing track that owes more to Suicide than their previous West-Country sound.

To me this is a tune that’s crying out for a big dubstep remix from someone like Kode 9 – strip all the vocals off and echo them back in snippets and fill that vicious beat with sub-bass. The only mix I could find approximating this is this one by Noise Floor Crew, who speed it up a bit too much for my liking (check out how the drums sounds reminiscent of Blue Monday when sped up!) but it still adds depth to the original and grows stronger as it progresses.

Portishead – Machine Gun (Noise Floor Crew Remix) :: (YouSendIt)

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  • Lupe

    We got this in our email a couple of days ago. It looks like Noise/Floor is doing the whole album. I personally love the other mixes they’ve let out so far.

    For what it’s worth, here’s what I got:

    “Noise/Floor Crew is a loose (and we do mean loose) congregation of industry dinosaurs, unrepentant white trash and scenester elitists. Now they’ve gone and ill-advisedly dissected, ingested and wantonly revised the long awaited Portishead album, “Third” to surprising (if unwarranted) applause. Already the first single was featured by the venerable New York Magazine in their blog along with the new Outkast release. Since the appearance of the first 2 singles on the information superhighway, strange sounds have continued emanating from the basement studio shared one Mr. Angel Alanis and his known female associate (going by the alias The Lady Foursquare) where much of the nefarious activity affiliated with this “gang” is said to take place. All manner of characters have been seen entering and exiting the facility, including DJ Local Hero of Trash Menagerie. These recordings were captured while the building was under surveillance and are presented now for your consideration.

    We expect a full report. �

    Here is the ZIP with the 2 new songs (Carry on & Magic Doors) AND the first two (Machine Gun & Nylon Smile) just in case you did not get that.


    Songs in ZIP

    01 We Carry on (remixed)

    02 Machine Gun (remixed)

    03 Nylon Smile (feat WAR GAMES)

    04 Magic Doors (remixed)

    We cannot wait to unleash the entire composition..

  • Nice! thanks for the heads up on this. We will check them out and get back to you – perhaps post them if any good