Plasma Collaborative interview

Safire Promo Shot
I spoke to Plasma Collaborative about their project.

DB: Can you tell us what you do.

PC: The project is driven by Safire (above) & Finna. Through our events company ‘BBA’ we’ve been lucky to develop relationships with a lot of great people and has been one of the major factors we’ve been able to get a project like this off the ground & having the global support we do.

Our two closest partners are Morph & Tobias J. We’ve always seen so much talent around us & needed a way to bring it all together. We decided to form the collaborative as this would give us a way to expose our works to the world. The concept was to create a collective made up of various components: record label, apparel, Digital Media Production (Music Videos, Audio Tutorials, Sample Packs etc) & a studio facility based in Melbourne. This kind of platform would give us freedom to work freely within our creative sector.

DB: So in one paragraph?

PC: Plasma Collaborative is a creative platform that allows artists & musicians to express their creative works to the world. We wanted to create something new that isn’t afraid to takes risks in a new environment. We are a group of friends – artists, musicians, audio heads, fashion designers etc.

DB: Is there a D&B scene there in Melbourne? What’s the distinct sound? For eg, there’s a London sound, a Manchester sound, Bristol, São Paulo, etc sound so what’s yours?

PC: Yep there’s definitely a D&B scene here, as mentioned earlier we’ve been doing gigs for the past 10 years and its always been quite strong. In terms of ‘sound’ Melbourne has always liked it quite deep… I guess we’ve had the opportunity to influence it upon the scene through our involvement the years.

I wouldn’t say you could segregated it quite like UK cities though… there’s just not enough people, although there are cities like Perth that are quite well know for the more heavier and mainstream D&B sound, as with us more deep & underground

DB: How did the hookup with Icicle come about?

PC: We’ve worked with Icicle quite a lot over the years through promoting events in Australia and couldn’t think of a better artist to help us kick off our label.

He is very aware & aligned with our direction & intentions so I hit him up regarding a remix and he suggested to send over something over. Myself, Amoss & Gusto had just finished up a tune which had lyrics referring to ‘Plasma’ and the ‘4th state of matter’ so it made sense for Icey to remix ‘4th State’!

DB: Are your releases physical releases or digital?

PC: We’re doing vinyl etc… as with other physical products we’ve just launched our apparel brand, the artwork and concepts will be relative throughout the music releases, t-shirt designs, art prints & more… We’ll be running Plasma Artist series throughout releases which feature designs printed on the various physical mediums previously mentioned… We’re also quite excited about the limited edition 12″ vinyl sleeves that will be a part of our releases

We’ve also aligned with various audio companies around the globe such hardware and software developers. We’ll be demo-ing some of their products and making production videos giving insight to new products from boutique analogue equipment to our own audio sample packs including a Plasma Audio Virus TI Soundset & even our own acoustic treatment products. We’re lucky to have a wide range of talent and artists working with us to cover a huge range of fields giving us the opportunity to immerse in various fields.

DB: What sort of promo is happening for these as in physical nights etc?

PC: We just had our launch party here in Melbourne on Jan 4th. It featured a selection of our favourite artists including Calyx & Teebee, Icicle & The Upbeats. The night had a heavy focus toward artistic elements that we’ve been working on with the collective… we had an art installation heads could view new an upcoming works and live digital art from some of the talented artists we’ve been working with. We’ll plan to run with this concept for Plasma events in the future, as our events company BBA will still present most of the standard D&B events we promote.

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