Piezo ‘Discipline’ interview


I caught up with Piezo and spoke about his new Discipline ep, and influences.

DB: So much variation in the tunes, what influences you got?

P: I grew up with Aphex Twin, Autechre and Squarepusher. My favourite labels are Warp, R&S, Planet Mu.

That’s the sound which influenced me the most.

DB: Due to the energy in this music I actually imagine you producing it in a LIVE mode if that makes sense? Like you’re getting it ready to DJ it out asap.

P: Well, I wouldn’t say it’s 100% true.

Tunes like ‘Comma VIP’ are mainly conceived for the club, yes. But I also try to put a ‘listening element’ into club tunes.

I care a lot about details and sound design: I know they will rarely come across properly on a sound system, but I just love having them there. That’s me.

DB: Can you talk us through the insanity of ‘Marwuk’? Inspiration, when you did it…

P: Oh, no particular inspiration in there. It’s also a very old tune, so I don’t really remember.

I think I just wanted to make the darkest percussive tune possible ha ha.

DB: And Discipline?

P: ‘Discipline’ was inspired by that organ-like sound you can hear in the intro and throughout the whole tune.

I felt in love with the original sample, so I spent days trying to find the right way to process it, and I’m quite happy with the final result. Every time I find a proper way to merge electronic beats with acoustic samples, I feel good.

PIEZO shooting (2 color) 1020x680

DB: How’d the remix come about?

: Thelem was a big inspiration in the early days of Piezo. His music always sounds extremely clean and precise: few people in this scene got his same technical and sound design skills.

I needed someone like him to contrast the roughness of ‘Discipline’: I asked and he was glad to jump on it.

DB: Who did that very nice artwork?

P: My beloved Ruben ‘RDG’ Nielsen <3

DB: What are some inspiring tunes you’d cite?

P: My first pick would be the Aphex Twin classic ‘Vordhosbn’ as a perfect example of constantly chasing variations.

It simply blows my mind, every single time.

Then this track by Autechre, for the sound design and the progression. And the high level of insanity.

But yeah, if I had to choose among those dubstep/bass tunes that strongly inspired me, I would certainly say Kryptic Mind’s ‘One of Us’.

I know it’s a bit of an obvious choice, but it’s such a perfect tune.

DB: Where can we hear you in general?

P: SubFM is the place where I get most of the plays, followed by Rinse and Radio1Extra. Joe Nice, BunZer0, Syte and of course my mentor DjFoster are definitely the DJs that have been supporting me the most. Ah, and don’t forget to catch up Mentha with his Subaltern Radio show every Thursday on SubFM.

DB: Any shouts?

P: Oh too many.

I’ve already cited someone before, and I’d also like to add NoMad Records guys, the brothers D-Operation Drop, Numa Crew, Wayfarer, Gantz, Facta, Mikael, DustY: these are the artists who I’m mostly in contact with at the moment, but I’m missing tons of other good producer friends, sorry.


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