Picota ‘The Beast’ interview


I caught up with Picota who has stepped in with The Beast. I asked him about his background.

P: I’ve been producing drum and bass since I was 18 years old. From an early age I’ve always loved the soundtracks from horror movies, and their sounds.

I am a lover of darkness and modulation. I try to produce music that allows the listener to travel to places darker and more sinister than they have ever experienced before through other kind of music.

DB: How would you sum it up?
P:My sound is influenced entirely by dark atmospheres and environments, sick basses and sounds with heavy distortion and it sounds incredibly futuristic.

Many of my songs are influenced by my moods, things I’m living with day to day and what life is teaching me. Apart from this, my ambition and aspiration is to keep developing as a producer.

DB: Tell me about The Beast! Is it about the tune or… something else!
P: The beast is a song inspired by “The beast” in all of us. For various reasons, the beast within us can sometimes appear from time to time. The day I started this track, I’d been having a bad day and the beast and anger within me wanted to express itself through this track. If part of my feelings add to my love of the dark and evil atmosphere, what better combination are these for this genre?

DB: … and the remixes? The VIP? Sounds like a big thing live, is that the case: it’s armor-plated D&B.
P: When Stu aka Rogue Beatz told me that Silent Code wanted to remix my theme, I wanted to do the VIP version for the EP so that I would not steer too far away from the original version.
I am proud to know I have a remix for their part, more so after hearing about their magnificent result. It´s massive! I love the great masterpiece you have created!

DB: What are your live sets comprised of Picota?
P: My sets are full of pure energy with the best dark Drum & Bass of the moment, especially neurofunk. People will not be able to stop dancing!

Rogue Beatz

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