Philth ‘Inspiration’ ep and 5 best of 2012 tunes


Philth is dropping his strong new Inspiration ep out xmas eve on PPRINT, check this below, you should know it.

He also gave us five Killer D&B Moments of 2012, the year that a D&B artist was featured at the Olympics ffs!

Over to Philth.
‘This has been an amazing year for D&B. It is ridiculously hard to choose a top 20, never mind 5. These tracks have stuck in my sets throughout, and I guess they show the dual nature of my sound. In no particular order… ‘

Submotion Orchestra ‘It’s Not Me It’s You’ (Alix Perez remix)
So simple, so smooth, so soulful. A beautiful song sitting on top of snappy bits and the warmest bassline. I can’t stop playing this tune!

Octane + DLR ft MC Gusto ‘Gravity’
My favourite track from an absolutely storming album. Dispatch have been on fire this year. This takes me back to the Wormhole days, the beats and the bass have so much funk and groove. Filthy but cultured.

Emperor ‘Monolith’
The first time I heard this I was blown away. The stabs and bassline make me jump about like a lunatic. Like the previous track, it’s the way the beats and bass bounce off each other that does it for me.

Sabre, Stray + Halogenix ft Frank Carter III ‘Oblique’
Stunning piece of music. I love everything about it. The way the world seems to stop during the breakdown. The progressive arrangement. The super snappy breaks. Intelligent jungle vibes, 2017 production!

Break, Fields, Mako + Villem ‘Dilligence’
This track is just outrageous. You get suckered in by the prettiness of the intro, before the destruction of the drop. And it just keeps switching up and getting harder and harder. No mercy.

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