Other Echoes interview

I caught up with Other Echoes as the self titled ep drops on Hospital

DB: Just wanted to say that this ep has a strong identity, it’s unique, in an era where ‘bass’ music can be simply banged out, production line style.

OE: First of all, thanks! I put a lot of time into my tracks and I’ve certainly aimed for something that works outside the clubs too. I think that affects my writing style as I’m not 100% focused on the dancefloor.

DB: What drives you as a creator? What sort of vision did you have for the ep?

OE: For the EP I wanted a good balance of styles and emotions whilst also keeping a unified feel to it as a whole. In terms of what drives me, music has always been there, as cheesy as it sounds, It’s what gets me up in the morning.

DB: There’s lots of layering in the sounds, and a discernable artistic mindset in sort of overseeing how the layers interact I think. What are the studio sessions like?

OE: Yeah, there are times when I can be tearing my hair out because something’s not sounding right but those moments are always outweighed by the times when it all just clicks and you get that excitement that leads to a marathon studio session. I think you’ve definitely got to have fun with it and enjoy where the music takes you.

DB: You are really ‘electronic’ with the choice of sounds, would you consider using ‘real’ instruments, or doing a totally live tune?

OE: I’d love to. I’ve been in lots of bands and live performance is something I see myself heading towards, albeit probably still using computers. I’d definitely like to use more real instruments in my tunes, we’ll see if that translates to an entire track though!

DB: Who are some of your influences?

OE: As a kid I listened to people like Steely Dan, Curtis Mayfield and Stevie Wonder and I used to work in a pub that had an amazing selection of funk and soul that I loved. I’ve also got to mention acts like Cinematic Orchestra, Zero7, Bonobo, DJ Shadow and the guys at Ninja Tune, Tru Thoughts and Mo Wax. At the moment, the dance music scene is really vibrant and I love that genres are being stretched, the stuff that always excites me is very musical and emotive in nature.

DB: That leads to the album session question: which one in history do you wish you could’ve sat in at?

OE: ‘Songs in the Key of Life’. It was one of the albums I had on repeat for years and I still dig it out regularly. I’m pretty sure I can recite the entire album, but to have been there at its conception would have been something special.

DB: What about live stuff, what are gig highlights?

OE: I saw Sbtrkt earlier this year and I came away feeling like I’d really seen something special. Live production, live instruments and vocals and tons of energy.

DB: What’s 5 tunes any genre you like right at this minute?

Submotion Orchestra ‘Bird of Prey’
Starkey ‘Lzr’
Breakage ‘Promises’
Photek ‘This Love’ (Feat. Ray La Montagne)
Joker ‘Old Era’

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