Original “wideboy” for the bass generation

Wiley – legend. Bassline remixes from Agent X and Pirate Soundsystem. Roll the fucking windows down in your Nova or White Van, get the packet of B&H out, light up, and drive up and down Tottenham Court Road bangin’ this one out LOUD. Expect to turn heads, and expect to see the Old Bill ripping up the same tarmac you are. THESE ARE BOTH PURE HEAT!

  • Wiley – Wearing My Rolex (Agent X Remix) (Yousendit)
  • Wiley – Wearing My Rolex (Pirate Soundsystem Bassline Remix) (Yousendit)

If these aren’t enough for you, go get EVERYTHING at amazon.co.uk

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  • Hi
    I was wondering if you could reupload the Agent X remix or if you could send it to me.

  • iguanapunk

    You gotta re-send to YouSendIt the Agent X remix!

  • Ditto the Pirate Soundsystem Bassline Remix! just heard it on wfmu.org, mudd up w/ dj rupture, so tight

  • kev

    I agree can you please re post that agent x number. Its a bumper, I like them both but I gotta hear that agent X one on the club soundsystem!!