Original Sin ‘Mad World’ interview

Original Sin has been causing havoc on many fronts, not least on the Friction’s Fire segment of the Radio 1 D&B show, so time to catch up…

DB: How you are finding D&B right now? How is it for you in general, I mean you have been doing your thing for a long time now, your perspective would be very interesting…

OS: D&B has been through some interesting times but none more than these last few years. I think we’ve all felt the winds of change but we’ve come back fighting and D&B has had a real kick up the ass again which I think it personally needed anyway. It’s more international than ever now with parties all over the globe.

DB: A link to the ‘Mad World’ title perhaps… did the new ep come about over time all fall together quickly? I mean there’s all sorts of speculation about the different VIPs of Therapy about if you search…

OS: A mixed bag really, I was messing around with the ‘Therapy’ remix for a couple years on and off. People often ask me for version 3 or 2 etc ha ha but it was just me testing out the track as I went… there are only 2 versions of ‘Therapy’: the original and the remix. I made ‘Vegas’ in my room at the Rio Hotel in Vegas while I was out there for a show, I mixed it in the Leicester studio for a session and the finished it in my Toronto studio.

DB: Can’t get more global than that!

OS: In fact most tunes I make these days spend some time on the road via laptop, and then some in the UK and some in Canada. The main trick to that is having identical set-up in all studios/laptop so I can re-call a session anywhere and it’s always the same as where I left off.

DB: You’ve almost answered a question there that plagues me: how do you harness a vibe when not near your gear?

OS: I’m never not near my gear ha ha! And if I am I’m probably near someone else’s like my bro Taxman who has a wicked home studio which is almost identical to mine. I used his iMac and decided I had to copy him!

But yeah I think there is a lot to be said for being able to express yourself at the drop of a hat because that’s how these things come to you usually.

DB: Also wanted to say that ‘Soul Food’ on the ep is a fresh take, I loved that… you got more like that?

OS: Thanks! Well I love all kinds of music so I will always try things I hear and like. I have all kinds of stuff on my Mac right now, you may not hear me do anything like Soul Food again but it’s not the only surprise I have.

DB: Back to the ‘Therapy’ remix is that the vibe of the live sets? Friction talks about smashing festivals with the title track of the ep too… tell us about the live side of things.

OS: That’s another thing that has evolved a lot recently. I really want to get into Ableton but I struggle to find time to work for Playaz, run my own label, produce tunes and learn new dj tech.

I just like to keep them dancing, 2 CDjs isn’t enough anymore! You gotta have 3 even if it’s just to have something cued up quicker, every second counts when you’re trying to keep the whole thing stitched together seamlessly.

DB: Back to D&B as a whole, what is in D&B that is killing you right now?

OS: Everything from Playaz. I think we’re in for a good year in 2013, have heard Taxman’s album? Sick, and you know Hazard and Subzero will always come with it, Jaydan and Image’s very own Supreme Being

Overall I’m just very excited about my Playaz EP coming out which will then be shortly followed by Taxman’s single ‘Cool it Judy’ at the beginning of November which is gonna be a good time for jump up fans! I also have the Image ‘We are your Friends’ album which I also have a couple tracks on.

DB: The album session question: which album session do you wish you could’ve attended?

OS: That’s easy, although it’s not really an album. I have a soft spot for movie scores. I’d have to say I would’ve done anything to watch Vangelis put the score to Blade Runner. I know I sound like a broken record ha ha but that shit was genius. Recently I’ve been leaning towards thinking Chariots of Fire could possibly be better than Blade Runner but that’s for me to worry about…

Mad World ep

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