Optiv & BTK ‘Reanimation’ ep interview

I caught up with Optiv and BTK again on the eve of the Reanimation EP

DB: First of all I have to ask: what’s a kneejerk reaction to the concept of Renegade Hardware and what it represents?

O&B: If you’re into D&B and haven’t heard about Renegade Hardware, you’ve been probably living under a rock all your life.

DB: Are there any other RH tunes you’d love to get your hands on for a remix?

O&B: Well let’s say we don’t wanna do ‘Messiah’ for start, after that Noisia remix… there is nowhere left to go with that one. But there are plenty of other classics that we would like to get our teeth into: Audio ‘Fall Back’ feat. Stapleton MC, Black Sun Empire ‘Mindset’, Evol Intent ‘Flipside’, Dillinja ‘Twist Em Out’, Future Cut ‘Dainjah’, Konflict ‘Maelstrom’.

DB: This is a basic question but here you go: this music is heavy on filters. What are some you’d use?

O&B: We use a lot of Native Instruments stuff, Izotope and we’re particularly fan of the FelchFilter VST.

DB: And in the studio back in the real world, what keeps you sane?

O&B: We never take ourselves too seriously, we just go with the flow.


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