Optiv & BTK ‘Drop The Funk’ interview


I asked Optiv & BTK about where the title of a certain damaging tune came from…

O&BTK: We had a great vocal of someone saying “Drop The Funk” and we really wanted to use it in a tune. We decided to base the track around it and after some processing we stretched out the “Funk” part of the vocal into a rising sound effect. We really liked how this turned out so we turned the main bass idea into a rise FX and combined it back with the vocal. The idea worked out really well and has great impact when we play it out.

DB: The ep shows various different sides/facets of you & they are all lashing.

O&BTK: We really like to write tunes that work well when we play them out, more killer than filler if you know what we mean. We have a good laugh when we write tunes in the studio together and we hope this comes across in the music. Sometimes we have a concept when we start a tune like in ‘Drop The Funk’ or ‘Slander’ but often we just start a tune and see where it takes us.

DB: I feel like you are part of the breed who are locked down 24/7 on beats and interface purely with the clubs, that you are on a non-stop cycle to produce/play it out/produce and that it feeds itself, it really recycles the energy… the clubs, the crowds, it all goes BACK in the music, is that fair to say?

O&BTK: That really sums it up well! We work really hard on making tracks and we look forward to play them out. It’s rewarding to have worked hard in the studio and see positive results when we play out our tracks.

DB: What clubs/cities do you love to hit?

O&BTK: Fabric London – This is just such a famous venue, we really enjoyed the crowd and the vibe when we played there, Cable Club in London has also an amazing vibe. We love to play at Dachstock here in Bern as well.

DB: How do you fit in with the Playaz family?

O&BTK: Well we’re really grateful to be involved with Playaz, both Hype and Pascal are great people to be able to work with. The label itself has a lot of heritage and has put out a string of classic Drum & Bass tunes over the years, so it was a real privilege to be invited to play at the Playaz night in Fabric last month. We feel we’ve been really looked after by the label and we look forward to doing more work with them in the future.

DB: Where are you based as such?

O&BTK: Optiv is originally from the UK and BTK hails from Brazil but we currently both live in Bern, Switzerland.

DB: Name 5 random D&B moments you love.

O&BTK: Ed Rush & Optical ‘Bacteria’. This came out 14 years ago but marked a great leap forward in Drum & Bass, it was just pure sickness.

Stakka & Skynet Featuring Kemal & Rob Data ‘Biosfear’. This is another track that is over 10 years old but was years ahead of its time. The main hook in this track is just naughty!

Ed Rush & Optical ‘Resurrection’ feat. RymeTyme. It was the first D&B track that I’ve heard which really got me (BTK) into the style.

Bad Company ‘Planet Dust’. You can’t go wrong with any Bad Company track, their sound is timeless.

Digital ‘Gateman’. It’s def one of the most disgusting basslines I’ve ever heard.

DB: What is planned for you for the 2013 on the release and live front?

O&BTK: We’re having an EP on Black Sun Empire’s label with no release date yet. We also done remixes for The Upbeats, Dom & Roland and Black Sun Empire. BTK got a solo single 12” on Renegade Hardware coming out this March and I just had a 12” released alongside CZA on Shogun LTD.

There will be plenty more of Optiv & BTK this year.


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