Oh Shit! Remix competition


Oh Shit! is an Indie Electro dance production duo based in Los Angeles (US), formed by Jeff Devoe and Dirty Seaner (Sean Adams). Jeff has been DJing and producing DnB for about 8 years and and plays the DJ role in the live show while Dirty Seaner lends his vocal talent. With a strong, gritty voice, Seaner’s vocals blend perfectly with the dirty basslines created by the duo.

When you see Oh Shit! live be prepared to get down. Devoe triggers samples while Dirty Seaner belts out nasty live vocals peppered with effects to accentuate the funk. Oh Shit! is set to ruin dancefloors with their pounding beats, and their exciting live show guarantees to make you shake your shit!

Dirty Shit! are having a remix competition for their track “Romance.” The winner will receive a gift package from Fyasko Clothing and fifty dollars in downloads from Beatport. The winning track will receive final mastering at Engine Room Studios in Los Angeles and will also be featured on a few of the duo’s favorite blogs. Deadline for submissions is May 1st. Please send all entries to Sean at his Gmail

You can download the original track here and the remix pack (130 Bpm) is available from here.

Sean and Jeff look forward to hearing some crazy stuff. Check their MySpace blog for details and why not listen some shit over there as well.

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