Octane & DLR interview

Octane & DLR have a new album out in early Sept called ‘Method In The Madness’ and we know THIS, with Break:

So caught up. Album preview below.

DB: So how long has this material been cooking, in terms of ‘we should release this now’?

O DLR: Some of the tracks were 2-3 years in the making, some a few weeks but the album has been a real physical project for just over a year after we realised we had a lot of material we could start from as a base. We got the go-ahead from Ant (Dispatch) and got to a point where we had around 30 tracks. We argued over what would make it, completed more of them, wrote new, fresh material and eventually got something that closely resembled the final track list. We then mixed everything down and during that time added new material and the track list changed again. It was a gradual building process without any structure or plan.

A lot of work went in and a lot of work got scrapped. It’s been a real challenging process and it’s surprising either of us made it out alive!

DB: You have this ‘not even trying’ approach. So where’s it come from regarding how you approach music? What is YOUR vibe?

O DLR: Recording is a big part of our sound. So is synthesis. We find recording ourselves jamming with instruments and synths gives us a more natural sound. We try to steer clear of sampling too much because we’ve always wanted our own unique style. I guess our vibe is finding our own inspiration from creating sounds. It’s impossible for us to understand what our music sounds like to listeners so we don’t make any specific aims when we write.

DB: What dates you got btw, where can people check you?

O DLR: The next shows are our ‘Method in the Madness’ Launch parties. The next being at Outlook Festival, Croatia in September.

DB: Name 5 pieces of music, any genre, that you love, and which influences you.

O DLR: This is too hard.

There’s so much great music out there. We’ve been influenced by everything we’ve ever heard but we’ve never intended to aim for a specific sound because of it. But seems as you ask, Luther Vandross ‘Never Too Much’. Joe Gibbs ‘Chapter 3’, Fela Kuti ‘Gentleman’, Eskmo ‘The Melody’, Jahtari ft. Pupajim ‘Robot’…

DB: What inspires you to create more stuff all the time?

O DLR: After spending about two years in total writing this album it’s been admittedly difficult to find new inspiration! However, D&B as a genre has so much influence and diversity that it never gets boring. There’s never a point where we have to say ‘No,if we do this, it won’t sound like D&B’. Artistically we’re free to do what we like and I think it keeps things interesting.

DB: In light of the selection above I have to ask my studio session question… which one do you wish you’d been present at in history?

O DLR: ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’. But even starting to think of the amount of crazy studio sessions over the years is almost impossible, think of all that stress, excitement, passion, creativity over the thousands of amazing studio sessions over the years! Madness.

DB: Got some random pics?

O DLR: Queens Road Station, Peckham, SE15. Part of our ‘British Railways In The Morning’ collection, and below that, one that will always brighten sad times.

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