Nymfo interview

DB: Hi Nymfo, thanks for pics. When did you start writing ‘Characters’?

N: I started writing when Klute put a gun to my head and yelled at me for more then half an hour that he really wants a Nymfo album for Commercial Suicide. I started working full time on the album last year July. Of course I had some sketches waiting already to finish, but I’ve been the most productive since July last year till February this year.

DB: … and how did you know you had an album? When did you stop?

N: That’s the hardest part! You never know when you are done to be honest, but at some point you just have to say to yourself you’re done. After that you have to make a final tracklist for the album and you will discover you wrote way too much music. So the hardest part is coming then and that’s ‘deleting’ music and making some tracks shorter maybe. It’s also good to listen to all the tunes in one session with friends while you are driving or travelling for example and ask for their feedback.

DB: Yeah, I feel like it’s tip of the iceberg actually, listening to it all. Do you find it hard to actually STOP doing music? Do you need a priest?

N: I think I never will stop doing music. I started playing the piano when I was a kid (6 years) and starting ‘djing’ when I was 15. I think there always will be something in my life related to music. When I’m old, I want to play piano in a jazz band in old cafes where people smoke cigars.

DB: So how’s the typical day pan out, what’s the regime in the morning for eg, is it straight onto beats or do you have to warm up to it?

N: Because my girlfriend is working 9 – 5, I try to do it as well. Otherwise I never would see her! When I started doing that, I noticed it felt very healthy and good! On the other side, when it comes to producing I never work at night, at some point my creative mind stops in the evening and I can’t write any music anymore. I never put my alarm, but I usually wake up around 8 / 8:30. I start with coffee and answering some emails. Also I do a round of social media and check all the uninterested updates from people. Somewhere in between 10 – 11 I start with writing music, searching for samples or making basslines. It happens sometimes I’m not in the vibe of writing music, so those days ending up with stupid aim conversations with Klute.

DB: What makes you want to get stuck in? I mean for some it’s being out somewhere, hearing a set and almost imagining the tunes they’d like to hear in there too, then making them. You?

N: Maybe it sounds a bit weird, but I really like travelling back home the day after a gig. With a little hangover and your favorite tunes on your iPod, walking on airports and see all the people rushing and running. Those are the moments I get a lot of musical inspiration from as well.

DB: On the topic if you have a tune in your head, what’s the best and quickest way to snapfreeze it, to get the gist of it down quick? I mean with computers, samplers, presets etc it can actually kill off creativity sometimes.

N: For quick sketches when I have an idea in my mind, I always use Reason! Because it’s a very quick program and I started working in Reason when I started producing, I really know how to work quick with this program. The sampler is very easy to use and I always have some Nymfo pre sets in the Maelstrom.

N: What music, any genre is getting you right now? What you listening to?

DB: While writing the answers for this interview, I’m listening to Bonobo. I see in my playlist Danny Breaks ‘Another Dimension’ is coming after that. Albums I’m feeling right now are the new Actress album and ‘Kill for Love’ by the Chromatics. When me and my girl driving to our family I even listen to Lady Gaga sometimes.

DB: Actress always had the best myspace too. Any good food tips? Good sandwiches, coffee, any city, and time of day or night, could be the local Texaco forecourt, I don’t mind.

N: Eggs benedict in New Zealand! Restaurant ‘Wilde Zwijnen’ in my street is one of my favorite restaurants in Amsterdam at the moment. You can always wake me up for a good braai in South Africa. I’m a fan of lots of different Belgian special beers. The best butter chicken you find in club Bacchus in Bangalore.

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