Nu:Logic – New Technique EP

From brothers Dan and Matt Gresham (AKA Nu:Tone and Logistics) the brotherly drum and bass super group Nu:Logic, have come to satisfy your drum and bass needs, the pair have just released their first EP; New Technique. Released yesterday on Hospital Records, the brothers add to their hopefully ever growing discography with a strong, bass filled spectacle – and with support from High Contrast and Danny Byrd, you don’t have to take my word for it.

Opening with the EPs title track New Technique greets you with a serene synth and vocal combination, with a simple beat, lulling you into a false sense of security for the ensuing array of complex drum patterns and deep, pulsing bass. The track maintains its synth and vocal element throughout, sustaining the calm feel you began with, but will suddenly drop back into its 21st Century jungle vibe. Goes without saying it’s a well produced track, taking you with it on its 6 minutes and 8 second journey.

Bigfoot is well named, just over a minute in and you’ll be feeling a heavy, vibrating bass tempting you to tap your foot or nod your head or whatever the hell you want, and after a slight refrain – its bass returns to the same effect. Certified to make your eardrums tremble.

Next is Sundown, my favourite of the EP. The opening, calm and desert-like, transcendent guitar riffs and faint radio mutterings, with a well placed tapping of the cymbal, hinting at what’s mere seconds away. As expected, the almighty drum work descends upon you, and in a frenzy of drums the sub is offering a great undertone. The riff remains throughout, and 5 and a half minutes of great drum and bass rushes past you. A golden track.

Relentless finishes off with a minimalistic approach, a simple beat kept throughout with a rare vocal introduced to keep you interested, but perhaps my least favourite of the EP due to it’s slight repetitiveness, especially after hearing Sundown.

All in all a pretty good outing for the Cambridge brothers, offering some brand new sounds. It’s out on Hospital Records now, so if it sounds like an EP for you, get it listened to! Enjoy.

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