Nmas remix and interview

I spoke to Nmas after his remix of ‘Nobody Make A Sound’ by D-E-W-L (video at end)

N: I am Dubstep DJ, on the circuit playing @after dark & @Hifi Club. Loosely know the PNAU lot. Now venturing into the production, working on a mixtape.

I play out “hi and lo” but as mentioned above, done some big nights at the Hifi and After Dark.

DB: If your music was a town could you describe walking into it… including time of day and who is there.

N: 3pm in texas (spaghetti western). Strange looking characters all over the place, rednecks, dames, etc. The weekly bank robbery occurs, shoot out, madness… BASS

DB: Who is your musical hero?

N: jean michel jarre!

DB: If you could put a film on now, which one, any era?

N: A film by Stephen Frears “The Hit”

DB: If you could be at the recording of any album, which?

N: In the studio with Scott Walker. No one is talking to each other. Peeps are just watching him do strange shit and record it.

thru Make Mine on 25 March

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