Nibé ‘Ride’ and interview

I spoke to Nibé as he presents the free download of ‘Ride’.

DB: Hi Nibé, please tell us about the new tunes and what inspired.

N: Actually my inspiration come from Hip Hop. I made this tune few months ago when I was listening a lot of hiphop tunes from this ‘new scene’… a bit trap and definitely really bass-oriented.

I fall in love with this style and I started to turn my productions in that game, after seven years producing soulful dubstep.

DB: What else is in the box?

N: I have an album already mastered, I’m thinking about releasing it for free just to share my vibe.

It’s a cross-genre album between soulful dubstep and instrumental Hiphop, and I’m also starting to upload a lot new music every week.

I’ve actually more than 50 tracks ready for release ha ha.

DB: Who does your artwork?

N: This artwork is made by myself but coached by the Lutetia Dubz’s graphic designer: Alexandre Louis.

We’ve worked together since the beginning, and now we’re launching a brand new streetwear brand.

DB: What should people look out from you on the live front?

N: I’m actually not taking bookings because I’m working on a live act.

After many years of DJing, I need to spread all my feelings in live the arena. It will be ready in few months so stay tuned fams.


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