Nibé interview

I spoke to Nibé about his music. I asked where he was based.

N: From Achères, a little city located in the west suburban area of Paris.

DB: The sound you have is very unique and very artistic. What are your influences, what goes into the blender?

N: Life is my drug and give me inspiration. It sounds simple but it’s really true, every step of my life influences my music, I put all my emotions into my music. Maybe I’m the only one to understand it, but each tune represents something special, a part of my life.

DB: ‘Going On’ is one of my tunes of the year, not only for the vocal but because it is a tune which makes sense for anyone ever in a rut, in a trap in life. Who is the lady singing?

N: Alys Be is a singer from Brighton but recently she moved to London, you might know her ’cause she worked with Mr Lager/ Von D or Kryptic Minds. When I started this track, I had no idea I would have recorded a vocal on this but when Von D listened it, he suggested to work on it together and add vocal with Alys Be and he was definitely right, the track is amazing.

We been working on the track for 3 days in a row, Von D was Blazing and I was having some vodka shots and after the 3 days we spent together in the studio the tune was done.

DB: If I was to visit could you recommend a good bar to drown sorrows until the early hours?

N: Good question, hmmm sorry but I can’t just pick one bar like that, I would suggest you to come to my studio. it will be better than a bar.

DB: Would you describe it as ‘dubstep’ or is purely your own style?

N: I just make electronic music at 140 bpm with bass, we could call that dubstep but when someone in my daylife asks me What are you doing, I just say: I make strange music.

DB: What is the meaning of the title of the ep?

N: It’s a movie title of David Cronenberg. For me this movie really explain a lot of things about relation between men and women, hate, love, sex.

DB: What are your main musical influences over the years, what sort of artists?

N: Another hard question to answer. Well I’m listening to different kind of music but I would say that my style is between Barry White and MOP. Ha ha. I listen HipHOP, Reggae, Rock, Tripop, House, DNB, Techno, Soul, everything.

DB: What is an all time favourite album?

N: M.O.P ‘Warriorz’ probably the HipHop album I have the most listen to.

DB: What is the scene like there, where do you play out?

N: Considering I’m probably the only one playing dubstep in my town, the scene is quite small here. On another hand the Parisian dubstep scene is growing up and went thru different phases over the years, nowadays the past two years the style went into something that was not really up my street but dubstep in general is growing up. People are tired of the noisy tear out stuff and the whole sound is getting back to something a lot more musical these days. In & about Paris I played to the Batofar, Glaz’art, the Rex and others.

DB: Where do you want to take the music creatively?

N: I really don’t know, most of the time I don’t really plan anything. I just do music naturally. I’m promoting a new party in Paris, to promote artists from my label and to showcase music that I love and support, to try to show the diversity in dubstep and bass music ’cause people tend to know only about the tear out stuff here in France, also I’m working on a new EP, to explore more darker sounds.

DB: And live dates?

N: My next show will be for the Lutetia Dubz Label Night May 29th @Batofar – Paris

Nibé ‘A Dangerous Method’ EP, forthcoming Lutetia Dubz
image by Anaïs Gaudefroy

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