Neumax interview

As Neumax gears to drop his new single on the 13th I caught up.

DB: Hi Neumax where are you from? What is the scene like there?

N: I’m from Russia from the city of St. Petersburg . We have a lot of great clubs, but I prefer those with the underground atmosphere, great powerful sound and of course the good people. D&B is growing rapidly out here.

DB: What do you listen to and what inspires you?

N: I listen to music of various genres, new and old, hip-hop and alternative rock, breaks and indie rock, absolutely anything can inspire! Music is about feelings….it can be anything, exam success, quarrel with the girl, the other spiritual experiences or mutual joy; my music depends directly on my feelings.

DB: So what sort of feeling did you want to bring to this music?

N: With ‘Ancient Ritual’, the clue is in the name. It’s got that moody ritualistic feeling. I don’t know about you, but to me it reminds me of a scene from pre-history, with shamans and offerings, fire, things like that really!

DB: Cool.

N: As for ‘Singleness’, it is on one level very simple, very basic. However it almost gives a vibe that is quite the opposite, plenty of things going on. I suppose it gives that feeling that something that is one, but can also be very several… do you follow or is this just me being a bit too edgy ha ha!

DB: It’s perfect. So what have you got in the pipeline?

N: I have a few projects on the go, but for the moment I have very little time to work on stuff. I’m saving up for some proper equipment which would help me along, that takes priority at the moment. I’ve got more planned with Ilya & Rydox, and with Terabyte Records; the summer and autumn periods will be busier for certain, but for now I guess you will have to wait and see!

DB: OK. What you listening to?

N: In the main, D&B. People like Cern, Spinline, Icicle, Survival & Silent Witness, they’re the guys that really captivate me at the moment. That said, I like all things as I said earlier. It would be stupid for me to alienate myself by listening solely to one genre. I need to stay relevant.

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