Nekal interview


As the forthcoming ep on Violation approaches I spoke with the enigmatic Nekal.

N: ‘Brute Force’ started out as a house track believe it or not. I was writing a track for a project and wanted it to be more diverse. To be honest I never liked the original idea, so I switched the tempo and took snippets of the samples I’d gathered to create what ‘Brute Force’ is now. It’s a different take to my releases on Frozen Audio.

DB: If you close your eyes and imagine ‘Dark Matter’ as a physical place, where is it?

N: The imagine another planet which has been formed from a collision of Dark Matter. Where nothing has formed and bacteria is evolving faster that the speed of sound. Each piece of matter very different to the last. No living thing follows a strict pattern of evolution, everything is individual.

DB: What are some fave D&B producers?

N: This one’s tough.

Billain, the bloke is an alien, can’t have been born on earth. A complete inspiration.

Noisia for their versatility and out-of-this-world production.

Konflict, Optiv & BTK. And probably Dave Tipper, not D&B but an absolute legend in his own right. Could go on for ages.

DB: In general what caught you with D&B? That ‘lightbulb’ moment?

N: I’ve always loved D&B going back to the Nightlife albums. I picked up a set of decks when I was about 17 and like every DJ I dreamed of playing in front of thousands of people.

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