Necrobia interview


I caught up with Necrobia, he of the superb Nervous Tension ep on Peer Pressure.

DB: How are you moving on now after the completion of your killer ep?

N: Thanks for the compliment on my EP, it was fun making it.

I’m always striving to make better than the last track, but in what direction or what box I tick, I’m not sure. I’m just trying to be true myself and make what comes naturally, so it’s a real complement when someone likes what I do; because I look at it so personally.

I’ve just finished two downtempo tracks for Just Some Guy, one track is a collab with Wreckless and the other is with Arcaudio (see at end).

DB: If you could play your music in the perfect environment it needs what would it be?

N: Wow, the perfect environment – never really thought of it that way. I guess it would have to be something like the beginning scene from Blade when they go to a underground rave. But no matter what age, what you look like or what box people feel you should fit into in society. Somewhere where you can charge your batteries and let loose.

DB: Say someone booked you to play a non-D&B set, what would you draw?

N: I guess it would consist of a real mishmash of music across all generations there is so many choices… music from people like Bring Me The Horizon, System of a Down, Slipknot, Five Figure Death Punch, Metallica, Prodigy. Then to DMX, Tupac, Busta Rhymes, Dr Dre & Eminem… stuff like that.

As far as visuals go I might do it wearing a Plague Doctors Mask I’ve designed. I nearly got it made once but it never happened, so if anyone out there is up for making me one, let me know. But to be honest I would just open up the main stage and let people on and enjoy themselves; instead of watching a show they can take part and enjoy the experience after all, it’s about the music isn’t it?

DB: Do you like visual arts in general? I note your studio painting! (above)

N: Artwise I’m really into at the moment is urban decay photography – stuff like Brandon Rechten has some real good pieces.

I also just wanted to give a shout out to a real good friend who has got back in to doing his own art, His name is Tim Harrold and you can see some of his stuff on his site

DB: Back to production could you give us a good studio tip or two?

N: Learn your shortcut keys it will speed up your process.

I know this might sound stupid, but always SAVE continuously. It’s a real ass when you are in the middle of session or making something and for some reason your sequencer decides to stop working or crashes. The other tip is to always make backups. You would have thought things have changed from the old hardware days but things happen and hard drives decide to stop working, so doing this sometimes can be a real life saver.

DB: Thanks.

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