Navid Tahernia – MyLikeStyle (Kompakt Speicher 56)

Old heroes never die. After years of being laid back and relaxed ex-minmal-trance-preacher Navid Tahernia, also Kompakt employee, is back on the musical scene. And back realy means back cause ‘Mylikestyle’ is purest oldschool.

Those of us, who are long enough involved into this music know the feeling, when we are listening to some all time favorite tracks, we wish to have this feeling back for a moment. Well said and done…‘Mylikestyle’ is a total homage to the good old days when the 909 was still unguilty and the real 303 was a mystic preacher of sublime secret messages hidden in never ending trance-sequences.

Full-fat-raw-brillant-monophunky-stompinculture between WishMountain and Plastic Man Fat and great.

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