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1-Naadia promo 2 (by Sergey Patsyuk)

I spoke to Naadia about their video and work in general, as part of Kometa Music.

Hi the music is great: what influences you?

Hey! Thank you for your kind words. I believe that everything we do and see everyday influences us to a certain extent.

If we’re talking music, I love new and shiny things like Empress Of, Little Dragon and Warpaint and I very much love strong independent women like Kate Bush, Laurie Anderson and Patti Smith.

Where are you from and what’s it like there?

We’re from Moscow, Russia and if you ever read international news you know we got some things going right now. For example, winter. Also, dollar costs 78 rubles here and it’s like your skin is burning from the inside.

The production of the music is great… I love the vocals, the harmonies. Where do you record and who produces you?

Thanks! I think it’s fair to say that we produce ourselves, we decide together what is to stay and what is to go. It worked so far, but if we’d need help producing I know who I’m gonna call.

What influenced ‘Омут’?

‘Omut’ is really a song about that feeling of loss you haven’t experienced yet, but you see it coming. The misuse of imagination that eventually forms up your reality without you even knowing.

Tell us about the video?

The video was shot in 4 days in different locations in Russia. The video was made by the team of students and tutors from Wordshop Academy – this is one of the videos that they are doing during education there.

The directors – Andrey Mousin and Alena Koukoushkina – were pretty inspired by Russian folk stores and old Slavic ceremonies – that’s why we had to go into the wild.

Obviously, it was fun. We had no experience and no expectations. We are already doing cuts for our next video for song ‘Dalila’ and will release it late February.

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Where does the band perform?

Naadia perform live a lot – in 2015 there was about 80 shows in Russia, Poland, Hungary, Belarus and so forth.

We extensively tour around Russia – Siberia, Far East, Ural, mostly everywhere.

On club gigs we use special video art, and for festivals we try our best to make special stuff, like child choir…

and even play music on Tesla Coils.

Who are your heroes?

Well, I’ve watched enough movies not to believe in heroes.

Because every great man or a woman also has to be a really nasty asshole sometime.

Thanks so much. Do you want to send out a ‘hello’ to people?

Yes, hey people! Lovely to meet you!

Images by Sergey Patsyuk and Andrey Davydovsky
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