“N.A.S.A. vs Yacht” mixed by Dave Wrangler

N.A.S.A’s “Spirit of Apollo” mixed and mashed with Yacht’s “See Mystery Lights.” EP by Dave Wrangler, all tracks hosted on Soundcloud. Good stuff Mr Wrangler!

1. “Gifted” feat. Kanye West x “We Have All We’ve Ever Wanted”
2. “Money” feat. David Byrne & Chuck D x “Psychic City”
3. “The Mayor” feat. Ghostface Killah, Scarface, DJ Am & The Cool Kids x “I’m In Love With a Ripper”
4. “Way Down” feat. RZA x “Don’t Fight the Darkness”
5. “Whatchadoin” feat. M.I.A., Spankrock, Santogold & Nick Zinner x “Summer Song”

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