Mydas interview


I spoke to Mydas about his new I Am Mydas ep which is out on the 21st on Dub Police, and about how it came about.

M: The preparation started not too far after the release of my first EP What I Do. Getting the music together didn’t take long, but I really wanted to make sure I had the right tracks for this project in place. The original intention was to put out a mini-album, but then myself and the label decided it would be better to have two projects. I eventually got round to painfully mixing them down!

DB: I am a big fan of all the tunes but in particular ‘Beneath The Fold’…

M: ‘Beneath The Fold’ is also my favourite from the EP because it’s the most expressive of the three. I wanted it to sound epic and emotive but also not drag on for too long. That’s why the first drop is only 16 bars. When I’m choosing tracks for EPs I try to make them as individual as possible, and I think it sits perfectly with the other two.


DB: Dubstep may have slipped off the radar of some part-time music experts but how do you see the scene and the state of it?

M: I think it’s more healthy than people think/make it out to be. Personally I think it’s great that it’s not so mainstream anymore because it’s not being exploited or just being produced for money. Now it’s not “cool”, it’s just about the music.

DB: What are five classic tunes that inspire your own production?

M: In no particular order:

Icicle ‘Anything’
Skream ‘If You Know’
Kryptic Minds ‘Six Degrees’
Babylon System & Noah D ‘Examination Of Time’
Tes La Rok ‘Up In The Vip’

DB: What are some release specifics?

M: I Am Mydas Edition 1 is being released on October 21. The follow up, Edition 2, will be available early next year. And also keep an eye out for the Dub Police Past, Present, Future project!

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