MUST DIE! Caffeine interview

I caught up with MUST DIE! not only on the eve of the new Caffeine ep on Firepower but just as news has broken that Firepower guru Datsik is touring Europe.

But first I asked MD! about the ep…

MD!: This EP SOUNDS like me. A mixture between incredibly happy and incredibly sad/angry/confused. We all have those little quirks that we slip into our music, but I wanted to create a grander instance of myself.

DB: Where’d your artist name come from? What inspired it?

MD!: There was an awful movie called John Tucker Must Die, and I hated it so much I thought it would be funny to make a name out of it.

DB: Why caffeine?

MD!: I have serious ADD, so I drink a lot of coffee to make myself focus, and I guess that’s how I write such staggering amount of music.

DB: There’s a D&B tune here. It really has something, the vocal is awesome. Are you a fan?

MD!: I am a fan! I really love the intricacy of Drum & Bass music, and a lot of my idols and friends come from that scene so I wanted to pay tribute to that, I really like the Neurofunk sound, and I know Jon Spero (Jaws of Terravita) does as well, so it was a good fit!

DB: Speaking of that collab with Jaws do you collaborate much? Or happier to do your own thing?

MD!: As far as collaborating, I enjoy it. I work better on my own, but it is always nice to play around with your friends and see what comes of it.

DB: I asked this to someone recently: what is the appeal of this Firepower thing, for someone who’s never seen it live?

MD!: You know, It’s not even so much the MUSIC over here as it is the PEOPLE. Everyone at Firepower is a GOOD PERSON. I am lucky to call them friends. The music is just a plus! That’s what it’s really all about: support, friendship, and good times!

DB: Could you pick us a track off the ep and talk us thru it, why special, how it came about?

MD!: Well, my favorite track from the release is probably the title track: ‘Caffeine’. I wrote that song trying to capture MYSELF in one 4 minute span! Ups, downs, everything in between. I’m a complex human, and I need a complex theme song.

DB: Name a track – any track, any genre – in your head right now.

MD!: I am LOVING the new Koven tune, ‘More Than You’.

DB: And give us some plans for 2013! releases, tours, anything.

MD!: I have a few plans up my sleeve for 2013, but I’d rather not ruin the surprise! I can promise you there will be MUCH more music!

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