Mortem ‘Bring It Down/Malfunction’ interview

I spoke again to Mortem as ‘Bring It Down/Malfunction’ drops on Demand.

DB: Hello Mortem. First of all can I ask how the contact with Demand came about?

M: I think it was the time of very first Demand release. I remember that I was really delighted by its sound. It was a remix by Spectrasoul of a BTK track…

I simply wrote to Carlos, got in touch. I was really suprised by the label with such a strong first release, nice graphics and good PR. From that time I was sending music for Carlos and it naturally progressed into our first release which was my tune ‘Revolta’. I was really glad about that one getting heavily supported.

DB: Regarding your new release for Demand I was blown away by its direction. Is it a new phase for you?

M: You can say so, now I’m focusing more on making dancefloor-orientated stuff but in a deep, progressive style than I’m known for. It doesn’t mean I’ll stop experimenting. It’s nice to progress yourself in a various ways.

DB: Can I ask what sort of things really came to you to influence the sound of these tunes? Or did they just ‘happen’?

M: I always tend to have an idea in my mind and it always ends up finished in a bit different way than it was inside my head. Of course I’m more satisfied about the final result than about the idea! The thing behind those tunes is that I wanted to create something really progressive: a tune good to dance to and a deep tune at the same time. It’s influenced by the music that I really enjoy to listen to at home… but with that dirty D&B flavour.

DB: You mentioned graphics so do you like visual arts? Painting, films?

M: Yes, of course. I love movies such as ‘Enter The Void’ or paintings from the famous Yerka; I really do recommend getting to know his stuff.

I also like designs for music albums and singles.

DB: So ongoing what can we expect from you?

M: I will produce more material soon. Now I’m working on a bunch of tunes that need to be finished pretty quickly. But sometimes I like to give the ideas some time to make them even better.

DB: An album one day?

M: I had a few offers so who knows!

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