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DB: Monstro how’s life?

Monstro: Hey. It’s pretty much ugly.

DB: Where do you live and what’s your place/street like?

M: The place where we live is full of criminals and other scum. The sun doesn’t rise at all in here, even if it’s summer. It’s one of those ugly places which inspire you to make something even uglier and take this imperfection to an absolute extreme.

DB: If you close your eyes and think of ‘Blood’, what images come to mind? I mean it really unfolds I think, there’s definitely layers of images, things developing.

M: I think it’s a disturbing industrial image filled with trails of ghosts. Dusk falling.

DB: Could you name five abstract influences? Anything.

M: Slipknot, DJ Krush, Radium, YataGarasu, Ricardo Villalobos.

DB: You like a lot of music include hard guitar stuff, like what sort of acts?

M: Suicide Silence – that thing goes. Especially with Mitch on the mic.

Amenra is another wonderful live act: insane performances.

DB: Is there a temptation to destroy syncopation (ie 4/4) in the music and go utterly fucking apeshit and abstract? Or is it already AT that level and then given a 4/4 to simply rationalise it?

M: I think the next EP thing will stick to a more classic layout, but the next-gen project of mine will blow all the rules away. I don’t think that it’s challenging enough for us to stay on the same rhythmic pattern.

DB: What hip hop do you like?

M: I love classic hip-hop beats and my favourites here are: Pete Rock, CL Smooth, Madlib and the trueschool pioneers Damu the Fudgemunk and Insight.

DB: Do you get fuelled in the studio? With coffee? What gets you in the mood for creating?

M: Horror movies and the reality around me really get things moving in terms of creating things. I love visualising something and then interpreting it in an audial way.

I’m really into occult stuff because things happened to me and I’m a firm believer now. Our music is full of mysticism.

DB: Back to the Spectre ep, ‘Phantome’ is amazing

M: When we were making ‘Phantome’ I really tried to set the claustrophobic ghastly mood, so the listener could get a grip of that strange feeling when being chased by a ghost.

DB: What’s next?

M: We are focused on the next big thing and it will definitely scare the shit out of you.

Monstro Spectre ep

Monstro mix

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