Mono interview

I caught up with Mono and specifically asked about his tune for the new Grey Winter ep on Faded.

M: The tune I wrote for this EP is called ‘Truncate’. It is a mix between an old tech-step beat, with new and old style bass/mid noises over the top. Which I feel fits this EP well as there is a wide mix of styles included within this release.

DB: Speaking of the release, could you be the spokesperson of the ep?
(preview below)
M: The Grey Winter EP. Kicks off with the title track of the EP by Twisted Facts. ‘Grey Winter’ is a chord laden roller, combing aggressive clean drums with an ambient, reverberating atmosphere. Next up is Fade ‘Sketch’ which is a barrage of arpeggiated bass, neuro-esque midbass sounds, held together by tight yet ferocious drums.

Next up is a track by Kai, Peak & Duck called ‘Unite’ which is an assault on the eardrums, incorporating strong kick drums and gnarly mids, with old school flavoured fx over the top to make a nice dancefloor orientated track. Next is my track ‘Truncate’, and finally ending with ‘Fractal’ by Bazil & Vibronix which is a Techy roller, with a funky, off kilter bassline and intricately programmed fills and fx.

DB: Speaking of all these style and nuances, what unique vibe do you bring to D&B?
M: I wouldn’t say I bring a unique vibe to D&B, but I’d say I like to try and keep a few elements within my music, which are almost the typical conventions of D&B, which I’ve grown up with and loved: low and powerful subs, and a general underlying dark theme.

I’m not trying to do anything special, I’m just trying to make the music I’ve loved for a long time. I’m also feeling the more abstract and minimal aspects of 170 music now, after mostly making ‘roller’ style D&B.


DB: What D&B producers would we find near your part of the UK, near Bournemouth?
M: Ulterior motive, Overlook, Krakota, Judda, Dave Hoax.

DB: As we stand on this point looking into 2014 what are your thoughts on D&B?
M: I see things only getting bigger and better. The scene seems to be doing very well and there is constantly new artists and ideas coming into play. The beauty of bass music to me is that it never normally stays the same for that long, and so far it’s kept me interested!

DB: So as for keeping you into it, what heroes in the music do you have?
M: I’d have to say that my heroes in D&B over time would be: Kemal & Rob Data/Konflict, Source Direct, Fierce, Break & anything on No U-Turn or Moving Shadow.

In regard to the present, it’s a tough one, as there’s so many people I could include; I’d say Clarity, Homemade Weapons, Gremlinz, Overlook, War & Pessimist are the ones I’m feeling at the moment.

As for the future, keep your eyes on Paragon, Dyl, Mateba & Kauntum.

Grey Winter ep on beatport
Mono soundcloud

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