Monday beats with Sinistarr, Utah Jazz and Congo Natty


This one had me bouncing around LA last week – it’s not new, it’s the last track off Utah Jazz‘s album It’s a Jazz Thing that came out last summer, but it’s got bounce… suck it and see!

And don’t forget the Utah Jazz vs Warren G / Nate Dogg bootleg from the beginning of last year, props to “stay in the loop” for the wheel back!

You know I like Sinistarrcheck his latest single out… “You’re a playa but only because you be playin’ yourself!”

And wrapping up Easter Sunday with a trip back to 99… ahhh yeah – “I’m a junglist” from this wax out on Congo Natty Records.

Have fun out there…


ps. the photo is by my mate Derrick – he won’t mind me nicking it! I made the sand thing though!

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  • thanx for the sout out!

    i also posted Original Junglis earlier.

    btw, this Sinistarr’s single is dope.

  • These are clips you are making of my tunes, yeah? I saw that Lynx Is Playing was on your page too