Modeselektor’s Jetlag mix from XLR8R

Got the heads up from Shawn at XLR8R on their new podcast, put together by none other than one of Germany’s finest exports – Modeselektor. I saw these guys at Melt! and Field Day festivals earlier this year and oh yes, they ripped it up.

While 2007 saw the release of both their Happy Birthday full-length and Boogy Bytes Vol.3 mix, Berlin duo Modeselektor has been relatively quiet in 2008. Well, that’s about to change, as the pair is planning to take their distinct brand of noisy, chopped-up techno on the road as part of the Jetlag Tour 2008 with Ellen Allien.

With multiple stops scheduled on both sides of the Atlantic, the Jetlag Tour is bound to live up to its name for the artists involved. Questions of sleep deprivation aside, the boys are clearly amped about this tour, as they dropped this exclusive mix into our laps for the XLR8R podcast. Running the gamut from dubstep and bassline to French house and kwaito, this podcast shows that Modeselektor will be bringing some serious heat to the Jetlag Tour this September. Photo By Birgit Kaulfuss.

1. Kode9 vs. Badawi – Den of Drums (ROIR)
2. Cylob – With This Ring (Rephlex)
3. Dj Mujava – Township Funk (Warp)
4. 2562 – Techno Dread (Tectonic)
5. Black Noise – Nature of the Beast (Original Black Noise Mix 2) (End to End)
6. TRG – Missed Calls (Subway)
7. Screaming Soul – Warfare (Ruckspin & Planas Remix) (Ranking)
8. British Murderboys – Hate Is Such a Strong Word (Counterbalance)
9. Elemental – Blob (Runtime)
10. Alex Cortex – Huyendo pt.2 (Klang Elektronik)
11. Zomby – Strange Fruit (Ramp)
12. TRG – Oi! Killa! (Cool and Deadly)
13. Mr. Oizo – Patrick 122 (Ed Banger)

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