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I spoke to MOAN as Holy Heartbeats appears, in part conjunction with Nuage.

What inspires you on a daily basis?

Our music is a reflection of how we present ourselves, we draw our experiences from a musical background which we have gained over the years and now we have the opportunity to express ourselves.

Each day brings new adjustments to the sense of life and emotions that we want to express.

Most often, I listen to my tracks when I travel the world, sitting on a plane, so while levitating at an altitude of thousands of kilometers above the ground I can understand and feel how my music really sounds.

In such moments you can find a new interpretation of it, it seems quite different than when you played it, everything falls into place.

You realize that you are a part of beauty, of all that surrounds you: thoughts, new people, unfamiliar places and the nature – all this gives strength and new experiences, and you realize what you would like to express in your tracks in the future.

You accumulate energy, memories, emotions, and after such shocks you only need to keep working and recreate your experience.

In MOAN we are trying to prove a truly memorable, interesting sound. I like the layering and complexity of the composition, at the same time – it’s still pop music.

It’s light and elegant, easy for the ears, while at the same time it has its own philosophy.

Also for me fashion and contemporary art plays a huge role in creating musical content. It’s my passion besides music which defines my attitude.

I enjoy looking through collections by creative designers such as Martin Margiela, Jil Sander and Alexander Wang.

Their refined simplicity, luxury and elegance are expressed only by means of shapes, colors and materials.

Tell us about the linkup with Nuage? His music is fantastic and a great match for MOAN.

Last year I released the first vinyl record Another You on the Moscow label Electronica, where Dima Kuzmin/Nuage was issued at the same time. We met online because he lives and works in St. Petersburg, and I live in Moscow.

So we began to work on a remix on ‘Holy Heartbeats’.

Remix worked out magical, just great!

We were both happy with our new collaboration and decided to continue to work on the musical material for MOAN. So we wrote together some tracks and remixes that are included in the debut EP Holy Heartbeats and we are currently working on a full album now.

His music inspires me! It’s difficult to find people who would fit your needs, ambition and a sense of life, perhaps it is even more difficult than to meet like-minded people in reality, in that case I was just lucky!

I was fascinated by his subtle sense of beauty, his music is excellent, it fully reflects what I see in MOAN music.

Do you perform live?

I am currently preparing a live program. I would like to create 3D mapping performance combined with electronic sound and pure live instruments.

It should be beautiful, inspiring, on the nerve! We have to get people to wake up and feel the fullness of life, sexuality and desire to surprise! This is the message of MOAN, to feel free and be full of love, because it’s love which works wonders!

Who inspires you? I hear many inflections in your music.

Many people have influenced our music, I can’t stop being in wonder about the music of Lamb, it still calms me.

A lot of new wonderful singers and DJs, which form our consciousness and this of course is reflected in our work. Especially we like Darius, Karma Kid, Moon Boots, Maribou State and many many others.

What is five words to sum up your art?

Lightness… as in airiness, weightlessness

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