Mixtape: SDUK & CNTRST – End Of Decade Mix

Sduk & Cntrst – End Of Decade Mix by Thefatclub on Mixcloud

FMLB friends, DJs and fellow bloggers (of Pipedown) SDUK & CNTRST come strong with their installment of the “End Of The Decade” mixtape series from Chew The Fat. Blaze! Here’s what they had to say:

“It was funny doing a mix of the decade when at the start of it we were only 10 and I guess technically we’ve only been allowed into clubs for two of them. We opted for players rather than particular tunes, innovators that have sparked whole movements over the past ten years.”

Jaylib – The Official
The cult following of J Dilla is possibly unmatched by anyone of this decade. You wouldn’t have any of the movements in LA or their contemporaries without him, Madlib and Stones Throw. Utmost respect.

Flying Lotus – Pet Monster Shotglass
FlyLo took J Dee’s thing to the next level and reclaimed Hip Hop tempos as the most exciting currency. Definately on some next level ‘ish.

Roots Manuva – Witness (1 Hope)
Anthem. 9 years on and still gets dropped and wheeled at most ‘Hip Hop’ nights. Roots Manuva has such a unique voice and delivery. So effortless.

Roll Deep – Eskimo (Vocal)
Wiley – Wot U Call It? (Instrumental Igloo)

I wish I was just a little bit older so I could have been caught up in this scene. Hearing it retrospectively though, the energy, excitement and innovation in Wiley’s production at this stage is unmatched. Years ahead of the game.

Oxide & Neutrino – No Good 4 Me
You’ll have to ask SDUK about this one…

Dizzee Rascal – I Luv U
Regardless of what you think of his current movements ‘I Luv U’ shows Dizzee as (one of) the best MC the UK ever produced. Raw, energetic, unmatched production too, goosebump business.

Mala – Lean Forward
The first ‘Dubstep’ tune I heard on a proper system, and still my favourite to date. I remember walking into Digital Mystikz and being absolutely confused and amazed at the same time. My dad tells me about the first time he heard jungle he was driving in his car and had to pull over and let the tune run to get his head round the sounds, I think this had a similar effect on me.

Zomby – Spliff Dub (Rustie Remix)
Two absolute genius’ that seem to be on their own playing field.

Burial – South London Boroughs
Picking a Burial tune was hard and in the end it boiled down to this one, the first I heard. The most unique producer of the decade.

Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo
Burial – Shell Of Light

‘Hyph Mngo’ came out of nowhere this year and everyone went Joy Orbison mad. Showed you can have positivity and colour through his synth wizardery whilst still making a hands down rave tune and it helped spark off the Garage/Funky/Dubstep thing that seems to be taking us into the next decade. ‘Shell Of Light’ snuck in the end here is quite possibly the beautiful thing I’ve ever heard.

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