Mix: Moby's Old School Rave Mix for XLR8R

Classic rave session from that man, Moby:

“It’s easy to throw around words like ‘legend’ and ‘pioneer’ when talking about electronic music, and let’s face it, half the time people won’t say boo about these labels, most likely because they don’t know who they hell you’re talking about. But when it comes to true-blue dance music heavy-hitters, the kinds of artists that even your mom has heard of, it’s hard to top Moby. The man has changed a lot since getting his start making high-energy rave tunes in the early ’90s, but even as his music has morphed, changed, and, yes, mellowed, it’s always been clear that Moby still has a soft spot for that bygone era.

Here atXLR8R, we’ve been itching for someone to do a classic rave mix, so we figured who better than Moby to put together a pumping session full of hyperactive synth stabs, feel-good piano melodies, whooshing hoover sounds, and endlessly pulsing beats. To our delight, he was up for the challenge, and the mix does not disappoint. Listen to the mix—we’ve had it on repeat since last week—and if you’re in the mood for more Moby DJ action, check out his recently released Wait for Me. Remixes! album on Mute, which features a Moby DJ set along with reworkings of songs from his last full-length.”


  • 01 Messiah “Temple of Dreams” (Kickin)
  • 02 Mentasm “I Need Release”
  • 03 Altern8 “Frequency” (Network)
  • 04 N-Joi “Mindflux” (RCA)
  • 05 Ragga Twins “Hooligan 69” (Shut Up and Dance)
  • 06 Awesome 3 “Don’t Go” (City Beat)
  • 07 Moby “Next is the E” (Instinct)
  • 08 Hyper Go Go “High” (Hooj Choons)
  • 09 Fierce Ruling Diva “You Gotta Believe” (React)
  • 10 Bizarre Inc. “Playing With Knives” (Vinyl Solution)
  • 11 Messiah “Xeroxed”

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