Mirror Talk ‘1997’ and interview

Mirror Talk is a 4-piece synthesizer ensemble from LA.

They spoke about favorite influences.

We’re all widely varying in our tastes in music, but I think we’d agree on the following as being our primary musical inspirations.

Prince: His approach towards and singular blend of Soul, Electro and Rock music is the largely what propelled our wanting to make music together. Impossibly weird, boundlessly imaginative, hypersexual, and deeply soulful.

Aphex Twin: I think For many of us in the group as young men, he was the catalyst for our jumping ship from guitar music to electronic music. We love ‘Windowlicker’.

New Order: They’d managed their music to come off as wildly jubilant and deeply melancholy at the same time. Something we aim for in much of the music we make. Also, incredibly imaginative in their use of technology and production.

The Clash: A perfect marriage of substance and style (I think, in that order) Joe was such a masterful lyricist, and Mick a phenomenal pop songwriter. Paul was cool as shit. While much of our performance takes place behind keyboards, we aim to imbue our shows with a level of energy and interaction quite inspired by them.

Kate Bush: The platonic ideal of a songwriter, voice, and technologically adventurous human. At the end of the day, our general aim is to write lasting pop songs, fronted by a soulful voice, supported by a palate of unique sounds and imaginative production flourishes.

This is our live tribute to her:

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