Mindex interview

Mindex has just released the spellbinding ‘Full of Love’ ep.

DB: What music do you love?

M: I find interesting details in every style, because I like to blend everything, but the strongest influence for me at this moment is jazz and post rock.

All good music is food for the brain.

DB: Where are you based?

M: I am originally from Tbilisi, Georgia, but have been living in Moscow for the last 20 years.

Moscow is quite a nice place for self expression.

DB: I am honored to know someone from the town of Sergei Paradjanov. Your music is really artistic.

M: I never use samples or stuff like that. I have nothing against this kind of creative work but I record every sound by myself, hunting it with a portable recorder on streets or recording some acoustic instruments in the studio.

Ideas could come spontaneously, or sometimes (as I am also a painter and graphic designer) I see a picture in my mind first, and as a next step I create a soundtrack for that picture. Or even a night dream could be a trigger to start a new track.

DB: How does it work with recording for you? Late at night?

M: Late at night, always. Because night is the only time when it’s quiet in my room. Maybe I should move my studio to somewhere in a village one day.

My equipment varies. Virtual analog, analog, sometimes VST synths. It’s all usable, depends on the cases. But I love shabby vintage sounds. I often turn a normal clean sounds to a really filthy one and then blend a bit of it with the clean one.

DB: The layering in this work is incredible.

M: I like different kind of distortions and waveshapers. For acoustic parts in my tracks I prefer collaborations with live musicians more than sampling one shots or using sample libraries.

At this moment I collaborate with vocalist Christina Sofina and trumpetist Tetsuroh Konishi from Japan. With the trumpetist we work at a distance which is a very interesting experience.

I try to avoid coffee.

DB: So what are some basic inspirations?

M: Beautiful girls are in first place ha ha.

Traveling also for sure. For example the main track from my ‘Full of Love’ ep was made after visiting the Himalayas. The melodies and some of the bell sounds is how I felt the shiny white snow on the peaks and the cleanest air I’ve ever inhaled.

Sometimes it could be just a random noise from outside, I can catch it and start to sing in tonality of that noise, or improvise on piano.

Maybe a medical diagnosis is needed?

M: I have some releases on Loodma Recordings soon. Also, I’m finishing an album for Aleph Zero Records.


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